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  • Debt Collection


    Whilst a through credit investigation is essential, it does not guarantee that you will be paid promptly.  Instigation of a credit policy, together with invoicing and follow-up procedures, will increase that probability.  Unfortunately however, even with the correct procedures in place your business can be adversely affected by aged debtors.

    In these circumstances, our services are tailored to meet your individual requirements.  Our experience over the years has allowed us to develop a flexible, bespoke approach to collections, putting your needs (in terms of client retention, ongoing relationships and perception in the marketplace) first at all times.

    Our aim is to resolve the situation amicably and recover your money at the earliest opportunity.  If this is not possible, and payment is still not made we will, with your approval, negotiate and arrange a payment plan or mutual settlement as an alternative to either a collection agency or legal action being undertaken.

    Instigating legal action is more often than not both time consuming and expensive, and due consideration should be given as to whether this course of action is necessary.  It can however form a very important part of the debt collection process.  At Libertas, we have both the internal ability, and external network, to ensure that any legal action undertaken, achieves the maximum impact in terms of securing a recovery.

    We typically take on debt collection work on the basis that if we are not successful in recovering the debt due, we charge no fee for the work undertaken.