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  • Restructuring Services


    It is essential for all businesses to understand how effectively they operate, and this is considerably more relevant during the economic downturn currently experienced.  Failure to adequately address the fundamental principles of business, can swiftly lead to disastrous consequences.

    Business that have operated successfully prior to the recession, may well consider themselves recession proof.  Unfortunately, experience tells us that this is far from the truth.  Harsh economic conditions can expose and exaggerate any flaws in your business model, and it is for this reason that Libertas provides this preventative service.

    Following an initial consultation, during which core objectives are identified and reporting parameters set, Libertas will begin the process of reviewing your business.  Typically this will culminate in a report detailing our thoughts on (although not limited to) the following:

    • General business strengths and weaknesses.
    • Cash flow management.
    • Wastage.
    • Marketing.
    • Customer/client service.
    • Credit procedures.
    • Staffing levels.
    • Terms of business.

    By reviewing these processes with you, we will be able to get an in depth view of your operations, allowing us to make a series of recommendations for your consideration.  Our recommendations are designed to tighten up any potential weaknesses, whilst enhancing existing strengths.